September 10 / 2014

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Investments in Real estate

Investing in commercial property has become increasingly popular among investors over the past few years as more people appreciate the attractions of a relatively high and stable income, along with strong capital growth potential offered by property investment. The company successfully taking part in designing, construction and active management of commercial and residential real estate in Great Britain, Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Thanks to our experience we have organized a number of consortiums which connect capable investors from different countries who are aimed at capitalizing on favorable conditions of the UK property market. These consortia invest primarily in commercial real estate and restaurants in popular areas of London including associated residential and office space. Britain's economy is gradually recovering from the crisis but the pound is still holding at a relatively low level and property prices are far from what they could be. This situation provides investors with an excellent opportunity to enter the property market in London - one of the most transparent mature and open to investments real estate markets in the world. According to the forecasts the UK's economic recovery will benefit the retail sector which includes many of the largest trading companies in Europe. As the volume of retail space in London will remain more or less unchanged. The rent is bound to increase and so will real estate prices.

Investment consortia expect profit above of average thanks to the choices of well-located facilities, good investment and active asset management as well as maintaining the average level of risk. We carefully analyze any situation from all perspectives in order to find the solution that best meets all aspects of the problem. The company helps more than 5,000 companies around the world to improve their efficiency. This is achieved through optimization of taxation and therefore increases the profitability of the business.

We provide to our clients a range of services which unite in itself the international tax planning and comprehensive knowledge of a subtlety of corporate law in jurisdiction.

Multi-jurisdictional services with the possibility of direct communication "over the table" – through our operational and representative offices GBFunds located in different jurisdictions which is an advantage in the delivery of services to our clients.