About Us

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In early 2000 a group of highly trained specialists led by James Gratton founded the globalestatefunds.com. During the 12 years of its existence globalestatefunds.com transformed from a small company into a dynamic leader with a global network of partners around the world. globalestatefunds.com consistently sets new standards in the field of asset management services. And as our experience grew we created numerous solutions in response to changing customer needs.

In the opinion of most experts the most dynamic sector of the financial market in recent years are various forms of investment. Investment tools are an increasingly important element in the growth of international capital markets. That is why we have decided to provide our clients with asset management tools. Using the mechanism of trust management every investor expects to receive increased profits which are generally much higher than the return on bank deposits. The main goal of trust capital management is to obtain maximum profits that investors have established and to asses an acceptable level of acceptable risk thanks to the skills and expertise of the company’s specialists.

About Business

globalestatefunds.com specializes in real estate investment. It was decided to operate in financial centers around the world mostly in London (GB) and in investment areas in Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Whatever the circumstances of economy may be real estate investments are a reliable way to invest money. Commercial and residential real estate of big cities has always been of investor interest due to the fact that the cities business grows much faster than in the regions. Therefore residential and commercial real estate (apartments, villas, shops, offices) that are located in large cities are more profitable than real estate anywhere in the province.

Our advantages

Main advantages of working with us are: the easy and simplicity of opening an account professional management of the contribution the tax-and minimum costs, free money transfer to any part of the world, broad diversification of funds. Automatic reinvestment or paying out the customers dividends by there will. The possibility of reliable and stable income with reliable investments.

To get a solid and steady income you do not need to be an expert financer thanks to all our professional economists and effective company management. globalestatefunds.com is completely customer focused and cannot afford to stand still. Constant innovations are required for the company and its services. It’s a tradition that globalestatefunds.com have been maintaining for more than 12 years and which will be upheld in the future. We offer a professional non-judgmental attitude to clients and partners and perfect and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our employees

Our business is divided into three geographical groups: the UK, Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Our main asset is the experience of our employees. Day after day hundreds of professionals in all of our departments are working on innovative solutions for our customers. As a globally active provider of financial services globalestatefunds.com always tries to be aware of the latest trends in real estate markets. So that we can determine future events in advance and take the right steps for the benefit of our customers we continuously analyze the macroeconomic, political, social, technological and environmental trends and issues directly related to real estate markets.

Expansion of

In 2014 the leadership of the company after the evaluation of a dynamic segment of online investment decided to open our investment site on the Internet globalestatefunds.com24.com. In globalestatefunds.com.com we created the most easy and simple tools to implement the financial interests of clients around the world. We have become more open and accessible to every client. We hope that you will appreciate the simplicity, reliability and ease of working with us in the future!